“There’s No Place Like Home”

We had our first trip to Kansas since Mallorie was born.  Mallorie did far better than I expected.  Actually, other than screaming in the car she was actually much easier than the twins were at her age.  She never cried for naps, just went to sleep.   We did have a “MAJOR” diaper blowout on the plane & Ellie puked on the plane.  Audrie puked in the car…but other than that it was smooth sailing.


I’m happy to report the trip may have been just what Mallorie needed…she no longer cries in the car.  And most of the time she is a pretty relaxed baby.  She entertains herself for long stretches, naps well, and sleeps all night.  I can’t complain.


Here are the girls on the tire swing at Uncle Bret & Aunt Chelle’s.  The bond that my girls have with their cousins Madi & Molly is so neat to see.  They just love them to pieces!  In fact since we’ve been home, Ellie has cried several times because she misses them:-(

tire swingtire swingtire swinglalaloopsyHere is the new room Grandma had set up for Audrie & Ellie.  They spent most of the trip downstairs in “their room.”  They have all of Madi & Molly’s old toys…They were in heaven!
grandma's houseWe took the girls out to ride with Uncle Kenny in the combine.  Funny, growing up in Kansas…this is the first time I can remember going to see wheat being harvested.  My brother always worked on a farm & my bestest friend’s dad is a big farmer…somehow I never witnessed it. The girls thought it was pretty awesome!
kansas harvestKenny helped the girls into the combine & then Justin thought he needed help up, too!

kansas harvestHere they are dumping out the grainkansas harvestAnd here they come!kansas harvestThen Justin got the “opportunity” to bale hay with his brothers.  He definitely has a love/hate relationship with it…lots of good memories doing it as a kid, but it’s hard work!baling haybaling hayThis was a short trip for us, but lots of great memories.

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