1st Day of Pre-K

preschoolpreschoolpreschoolpreschoolWhat a bittersweet day!  I’ve spent the last 4 years with my little girls & it was time to let them leave the nest:-(  I know it’s going to be a great experience for them, but it sure is tough on Mom.  I’m grateful that I’ve spent every minute with them the past 4 years.  We didn’t start them in school last year, so that I could soak it all in for one more year.

Monday was technically the 1st day of school, but parents stayed with them & it was only for an hour.  So today, was the “real deal.”  The girls woke up excited & did an awesome job getting themselves ready for the day.  They both wanted grilled cheese for lunch, so they will be having grilled cheese, grapes, blueberries & cookies when they open their lunch box.  When we got to the classroom, I walked them in & helped get their hands washed…then hung around for a few minutes to get them acclimated.  Ellie kind of jumped right in & started playing.  Audrie, I could see a little bit of apprehension on her face.  Ellie spotted the trains that she remembered from Monday & started playing.  Then Audrie came over to play, too.  When I left the were both playing trains…they were pretty into it & gave me a quick hug goodbye.  No tears for them, & just a few for me.  Now, I sit here..Mallorie is napping & I’m catching up the blog.  Can’t wait to pick them up & I pray they have such a fun day!



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Teresa This will be one of the many firsts for them. Enjoy it as much as you can because before you know it they will be grown. You will never quit crying over things they do.

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