Ten On Tuesday

1)  Yesterday I had surgery on my ovaries.  With nothing to do today but rest…I’ve had the chance to catch up on lots of photography stuff, blogging, etc.


Look at this ornery face

2) Audrie is so logical..She asked why I had to have surgery & wanted to know if she would ever have to have surgery.  I told her as long as she takes care of herself, eats healthy, exercises, etc. than hopefully not.  Her response, “But you eat healthy, why do you have to have surgery.?” You can’t get anything by that one I tell you.

3) Mallorie will be six months next week & she cut her first two teeth a couple of weeks ago.  She’s also sitting pretty well on her own.

4)  She also started solid foods a couple of weeks ago.  I was adamant about not starting until 6 months, because I didn’t want the added work.  But she was only pooping like every 2 weeks or more, so her doctor was getting concerned.  He wanted to run tests, but Justin & I decided to start her on solids & if still a problem we would re-evaluate.  As soon as we started food, problem was solved.  A testament that breast milk really is the perfect food…there was just no waste for her to get rid of!

5)  I love when the twins say, “I have to tell you a secret.”  They get really close & whisper, “I Love you.”

6)  We took the girls roller skating a couple of weeks ago.  Talk about a blast from the past!

7)  Justin & I went on a date a few weeks back & there was a purse I’d been eyeing.  He says to me, “Did you want to stop by Nordstrom & pick up that purse.”  Um, “Do you even have to ask?”   We went straight there before he had the chance to change his mind…This is the first time I’ve ever bought a designer handbag & it may be the last one he ever buys me, but I love it!

8) The girls are absolutely loving school.  So fun to see them excited on the drive home!  Usually on Wednesdays, I pick them up after lunch & we go get a jamba juice or ice cream.  They really look forward to that!

9)  Sometimes I forget how much the kids watch my every move.  They were brushing my hair the other night & I watched as they brushed it just like I do theirs.  They started at the bottom, while holding my hair to get the tangles.  Then they used the tip of the “Rat tail” comb to make a part, just like I do when I put their hair in pigtails.

10)  My big project during my recovery is to work on getting this blog into a book.  I want the girls to have something tangible they can pick up & look at long after I’m gone.  After all, they are the whole reason for this blog.


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