Mallorie 6 Months

6 month photodiy play tentdiy tentdiy tent



Last weekend I made this DIY play tent with the intention of using it as a photo prop.  When I showed it to Audrie & Ellie they were more than a little excited.  They have had a “sleep over camp out” every night since.  I figured they might start out sleeping in it, then get tired of it & crawl in bed.  But nope!  Each night they’ve stayed in it all night long.  I’m not sure they will ever sleep in their beds again.

So yesterday, we went & used it for what I really made it for…Mallorie’s 6 month photos.  Before we left the house,  Audrie said she wanted her photos taken, too.  So she went & got dressed, then proceeded to get the same outfit down for Ellie.  As we were packing up to leave after I finished shooting Mallorie, Audrie said, “Hey, you didn’t take my picture.”   I honestly didn’t figure she was serious about me taking her picture, so I hadn’t done her hair or anything.   But we took pictures!



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