Make Meaning

1)  Mallorie’s primary form of communication seems to be blowing “raspberries.”

2)  Ellie & I went on a date over the weekend.  We went to “Over-easy” for breakfast then to “Make Meaning” to paint.  It was really fun & Ellie loved the unicorn she painted, but the prices are seriously ridiculous for what you get.  $58 for us to paint a tiny unicorn & a little Hello Kitty box.

3)  The following day, it was Audrie’s turn with Justin.  Of course she also wanted to paint a unicorn.  I sent them to “As you Wish” instead where the prices are a little more normal.

make meaning

make meaningmake meaning

4)  At “Over Easy”  I was almost a little star struck when were were seated next to Bex from “Bex, a Style Diary.”  She’s a blogger that I’ve followed for a couple of years.

5)  On Saturday night Justin & the twins camped out in the backyard.  He put up the tent & made a campfire.  The girls insisted on telling “spooky” stories.

6) On Sunday we had a birthday party at Pump it Up.  That has to be Audrie & Ellie’s favorite place.  They never stop running & by the time we leave they are red-faced & sweaty.

7)  I was able to turn my milk supply around.  Talk about Mom guilt!  Now that she’s getting enough to eat, she is such a happy baby!

8)  While my supply was down, the lactation specialist suggested I eat more calories & stop exercising.  Now that my milk is back up, I’m going to start exercising again & hope it doesn’t affect my supply.   My waistline isn’t  loving the extra calories & no exercising!

9)  It looks like we are going to have an “American Girl” Christmas around here.  I got a catalog in the mail & I think the girls have circled just about everything in it.  Every time I mention what they would like for Christmas I get a series of American doll/ accessories.

10)  Audrie & Ellie are in the Coyote class at school.  In music they apparently learn a coyote song which includes the coyote howl.  It’s so funny when all of a sudden, often times at the dinner table, they break out the “Ahhh-ooooh” howl.

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