Griswold Christmas Vacation

1) Mallorie started crawling a few days shy of 8 months.  She had been getting around with a “modified crawl” for awhile, but now is officially crawling.


2)  It’s opened up a whole new world for her.  She headed straight for the playroom & can spend hours in there.  She doesn’t know what to play with first.

3) She just started waving & giving kisses.

4) The twins learned to ride their bikes with no training wheels.  Once they agreed to let us take the training wheels off they picked it up after just a few tries.  Ellie got it first..she started coasting, then put feet on the pedals & off she went.  Audrie saw Ellie doing it, then her competitive side kicked in & she went for it too.

5) Ellie does this thing where she puts a hand on a hip & tilts her head to the side.  She does it when she’s proud of herself for something or when she’s telling you something you might be doing wrong.  She puts the hand on her hip & says very matter of factly for example, “Did you know you forgot to put your shoes up.”

6)  Audrie & Ellie have taken a sudden interest in playing with Mallorie.  They are usually so busy playing together that they could care less.

7)  We had an awesome Thanksgiving with friends.

8)  Then the following day we went on the hunt for a Christmas tree.  Justin keeps comparing us to the Griswold’s.  We went to Payson to cut down our own tree from the Tonto National Forest.  To see the excitement on the twin’s faces was totally priceless.

cut your own christmas tree

cut our own christmas treecut our own christmas treecut our own christmas tree

cut our own christmas treecut our own christmas tree


snowball fight

9)  There was a little leftover snow along the road & the girls spotted it & asked to stop.  Best.part.of.the.trip….they haven’t seen snow since they were small in Kansas.  They had an absolute blast having a snow ball fight!

10) Then..Justin talked to his Mom later that night & she mentioned they are thinking about coming out for Christmas.  So excited!  They haven’t been here since our wedding & the twins would be so so happy!

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