Is 3 Too Much?

1)  A couple of weeks ago the kids had a school Gingerbread Christmas Party.  We made Gingerbread houses, Christmas crafts, a hayrack ride,etc.  It was really the first big “event” I’ve done solo…and I must say also the first time that I really thought that 3 kids might be just too much!

2) Mallorie used to adore taking a bath, then she hit a phase where she hasn’t really liked it.  That is until I threw her in with the 2 big girls!

3)  I have 4 schools for kindergarten that I really like & feel like we would be happy at any of them.  Now I just have to wait & see where we get in, then make a decision.

This picture is 6 months old, but never got around to posting our ice skating trip.


4) After the last few weeks, this decision is even more important.  There is a little girl that’s not very nice in the girl’s class.  The other day she actually squeezed Ellie around the neck & got sent home for the day.  I now realize the importance of having  them in a school where things like that are addressed.  Unfortunately, it’s been going on for awhile in their class & we weren’t notified until this last incident 🙁  Ellie is so kind & soft spoken that she hasn’t been standing up for herself.

5) Mallorie is getting better at finger foods, but she really isn’t interested in sippy cup at all.  When the girls were younger than her they were already drinking from straw cups..but Mallorie apparently has different ideas.

6)  She is into everything!  I don’t remember really child proofing with the girls, but seems like Mallorie goes after anything off limits.

7)  Her first word was Da-da.  As if there was any doubt, she was laying on my lap getting ready to nurse when Dad left the room…she turned her head towards the door & started repeating Da-da.

8)  We went to see Frozen.  BEST movie I’ve seen in a long time!  So cute:-)

9) In fact, the girl’s asked to go see it again & I may just oblige.

10)  Justin’s parents are on their way here for Christmas as I type this.  Keeping them in our prayers, because wouldn’t you know it a terrible winter storm is crossing the Midwest!


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