Do You Want to Build a Snowman


Audrie with her “teeny tiny” snowmen

snowball1)  4 years old must be the age when competitiveness kicks in.  Audrie strategically calculates how to win at Old Maid.

2)  The twin’s have started counting syllables.  Makes this grammar nerd happy.

3)  A couple of weeks ago we took a weekend trip to Flagstaff to find snow.  When we booked the trip,  snow was in the forecast & by the time we left for Flagstaff, no snow was forecasted :-/

4)  I knew that even if we found a small pile of snow the trip would not be wasted.  For girls who have never really seen snow, a big snow was not a necessity.   We found a pretty good amount on the way up to Snobowl & honestly they had the most fun playing with what they could find in the backyard of the house we rented.

5)  We took the girls up to Snobowl with the intention of putting them in lessons, but we were running late & it didn’t work out.  The twins are dying to go, so just trying to figure out how to logistically do it.  Flying down the mountain with a 4 year old & my snowboarding skills just sounds dangerous!

6)  Even though we had enough beds for everyone we each decided to sleep with one of the girls.  I slept with Audrie & Justin slept with Ellie.  Audrie is the biggest cuddle bug…not sure I slept a wink, but worth it!

7)  We left Flagstaff at 3pm & Mallorie normally naps at 2.  Figured surely she would sleep a little, but alas she did not.  She just sat back there & talked while Audrie & Ellie slept.  That kid will NOT sleep anywhere but her crib!

8)  We’ve now been to see “Frozen” 4 times.  And we listen to the soundtrack no less than 10 times per day.

9) We bought hula hoops for Audrie & Ellie a few months ago.  The past couple of days they have been practicing & I can hardly believe it, but they are GOOD.  It’s so funny.

10)  Last Wednesday we had family pictures.  I can’t wait to see how they turned out!  But let me tell you getting 5 people ready for a photo shoot is no small feat!

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