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ma'maw and mallorie

Mallorie giving good hugs

A little slow to get a post about my parent’s visit, but here goes…and sorry for the shortage of pictures!

1)  Ma’maw & Pa’paw came out to visit for the week.

2)  They took the girls to Build a Bear to build their 1st bear. Then they also got to go to the Disney store to stock up on some “Frozen” items.

3)  Then Ma’maw & I took them to see Frozen for the 6th time…yes, you read that right, 6 times.

4)  The girls had a couple of places they wanted to make sure to take them to.  One of which was Jamba Juice.

5)  We played lots of pitch in the evening.  It’s one of my favorite family activities.  Justin & I were discussing that we need to find some friends that know how to play!! Anyone??!!  And just so it’s on record…Mom & I won!  And literally that never happens…seriously. never.

6) Then the night before they left we went to Benihana.  The girls really liked watching them cook in front of us.

7)  And theeen…came the stomach flu.  Luckily Ma’maw & Pa’paw left Friday, before Audrie got it on Sunday night.  Then 6 days later Ellie.  They were such good patients, though!  Still holding my breath hoping the rest of us stay healthy!

8) Mallorie turned 11 months this week.   It’s so cute the way she says “Hi” & does her little wave. She loves her sisters.  When we go get the girls at school, most days she reaches her little hand out of the stroller to hold one of their hands 🙂

9)  She wants to be everywhere they are. Sometimes that’s not ok with the big girls.  They have a system of tricking her to get her out of their room & then quickly closing the door so she can’t get in.

10) If ever they leave their bedroom door cracked, she makes a bee-line as quick as she can & shoves the door open to go in.

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