Halloween 2014

This was probably our best Halloween yet.  Audrie was Snow White & Mallorie was her dwarf  “Doc.”  Ellie was Briar Rose, a.k.a  Sleeping Beauty.   Of course made by none other than Playful Princesses.snow white costume, briar rose & doc dwarfSnow white costume, briar rose, doc dwarfOur new neighborhood has tons of kids which made for a fun night.  We started out with a block party, then headed out to trick or treat with our neighbors & one of the twin’s friends from school.   Audrie & Ellie were much  less timid this year & really seemed to have a great time.  Mallorie was way more fun than I anticipated.  She really got into it.  I wheeled her in the wagon & she would hold out her hand & attempt a “trick or treat”  followed by a “thank you.”  Then she would wave & say “byyyee!”  It was too cute!

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