We just got back from one last quick trip before Kindergarten starts.  I can’t even tell you what a great time we had.  I found a house to rent in Pinetop Country Club on VRBO.  We have some friends that own a cabin there, so we were neighbors for the weekend!

I think my favorite part was watching the girls explore nature.  We spent 99% of our time outside unless we were sleeping.  Summer in the valley can get long..feels like we rush as quickly as possible from the car indoors just trying to stay cool!  It was nice to let the kids off the leash a bit without worry!  At one point we put the fishing boat up to shore & Mallorie went with Ellie to explore.  They wandered a little far, so we had to maneuver around some other fisherman, to the middle of the lake & then back to shore to pick them up.  I think they loved the sense of freedom!

Some of the highlights were taking the boat out fishing, lots of ranger rides while listening to “Honey I’m Good” on repeat,  the tire swing in our backyard, making smores, & hunting for dandelions!  Have a feeling this  will be our first of many trips to Pinetop!



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