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push toy

1)  As Justin always says, “I couldn’t have been more shocked if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet.”  Justin’s parents made their first trip to Arizona since our wedding.  It was such a wonderful surprise & really great to spend Christmas with them. 2) They braved winter storm “Gemini” & spent […]

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Is 3 Too Much?

1)  A couple of weeks ago the kids had a school Gingerbread Christmas Party.  We made Gingerbread houses, Christmas crafts, a hayrack ride,etc.  It was really the first big “event” I’ve done solo…and I must say also the first time that I really thought that 3 kids might be just too much! 2) Mallorie used […]

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Barely Made it For Ten on Tuesday

backyard marshmellows

1)  Sorry I’ve been totally slacking on the blog.  For the last 12 weeks or so I’ve felt like complete death; but finally think I’m starting to turn the corner.  Not 100% but much better than I was. 2)  The girls call Justin their “Prince.”  3)  If anyone has hair that tangles easily & is […]

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Back to Ten on Tuesday

camping with toddlers

1)  Perhaps we’ve been watching a little too much “Doc Mcstuffins”,  our clubhouse in the back yard is now “The Clinic.” 2)  And we’re constantly getting checkups & “all fixed up.” 3)  We started school at home this month.  Wheesh, it’s harder than I thought to teach (2) 3 year olds.  I have a new respect […]

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The Secret is Out

1)  If you want to watch a movie that you cry during most of “The 5th Quarter.”  Justin & I were a mess. 2)  In fact, if you have children it really makes you want to squeeze your babies tighter.  So while watching it, Justin went to check on our own sleeping babies…He comes […]

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