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How To Miss A Childhood

movie in the backyard

1)  I came across this link the other day & I can’t stop thinking about it.. It’s  “How to Miss A Childhood”.  And I think it’s a must-read for all Mamas.  Really made me re-evaluate! 2)  I asked Audrie if she was going to swim like a dolphin?  And she said, “Nope, I don’t have […]

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Game On

   1)  I officially start Day 1 of Crossfit today! 2) I also officially started a weight loss challenge called “Game On.”  I’m doing it with a friend that I met at a personal training studio when we still lived in Ahwatukee!  It lasts 4 weeks & my goal is to lose 15 lbs. 3)  […]

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Mom Of The Year Award

toddler into nail polish

 1)  A couple of weeks ago we went with a friend to Pump It Up..It’s super close to the house & the girls had more fun than I’ve seen them have in a long time!  Should be a great spot to take them this summer. 2)  The girls found “Dragon Tales” on Netflix & for […]

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1)  Finally after having trikes since their 2nd birthday, this week the twins  mastered pedaling them. They are still way faster on their balance bikes. 2)  Does anyone use a strawberry huller?  Best invention ever…just bought one! 3)  Big week around here..the twins also learned to swing themselves.  They still prefer me to push, but […]

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I’m Going to Marry A Pro Golfer

bumbleride double stroller

  1)  It was bedtime & Audrie was laying with Ellie in her bed.  They were nose to nose & Ellie looked over and said, “You’re my best friend.” 2) They’ve been wanting to play in the garage lately. They buckled themselves in the car & said, “I want you to take us to preschool.” They […]

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