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Rain in the Desert

rain in the desert

Anytime we get rain in the desert, the girls can’t resist playing in it.  This photo is from the last time it rained…they were running around naked in the puddles..It so happens it’s raining again today & they are back at it..     You Might Also Like:Happy 7 MonthsTen On TuesdayOlivia the Pig Birthday […]

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We turned 4! Lalaloopsy Party

lalaloopsy party

Audrie & Ellie had 2 Lalaloopsy parties while we were in Kansas.  One with my side of the family & one with  Justin’s.  We celebrated the 4th of July at My Aunt Paula’s.  It was a day of birthday celebrations.  My Mom & Aunt Paula turned 60! Then we headed back to Independence after all […]

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“OK, My Mom”

Manhattan dolls

Recently Ellie has started answering me with “Ok, My Mom.”  It goes a little something like, “Ellie, clean up your toys please.”  Followed by “ok, my Mom.”  So cute.  This is Ellie picking up a bunch of her favorite dolls. I also love that Audrie still calls Mermaids, “Mer-merries.  I’m pretty sure she knows the […]

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Cupcake Makin’

Valentine cupcakes

Valentine’s week we made some cupcakes.  The girls LOVE to bake & they especially loved these fun cupcakes.  We used food coloring & made the insides red, pink, & white.     I might actually post a couple of times this week 🙂  It’s been awhile since my last one, but I should post a […]

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Best Thing For Our Playroom

toy storage labels

So, I got really tired of our playroom being a disaster.  We have lots of storage, cubbies, etc…but nothing ever made it to it’s place.  Until THIS!  Since the girls obviously can’t read yet, I made labels for our storage bins that have a picture of what’s inside.   Let me just tell you…They work GREAT!  […]

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