1st Day as a Roadrunner

A little late to the party on these “First day of School Photos.”  But nonetheless, the girls have been having an awesome time so far this year.  I’m so happy with the decision we made to put off kindergarten for a year.  The girls are having a much better year & are growing more confident by the day!


1st day of pre k twins1st day of pre k twins1st day of pre k twins



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The Good, Bad, & Ugly

This past weekend we decided to take our 1st camping trip since having Mallorie.   Sorry for the long post, but want to make sure I documented this one.  Now, normally I wouldn’t recommend taking a 16 month old tent camping..but because the big girls wanted to go so badly we decided to suck it up & go.  We knew that it wouldn’t be easy, but it would be worth all of the work.camping with kids

We left around noon on Friday & had a pretty smooth drive up.  It was pretty busy when we got up to our usual spot on the Mongollon Rim & we did have to drive around a bit before we found a spot.  But luckily, all 3 kids were happy for the ride.  And no car sickness which is always a bonus with our family! camping with kids

camping with kidsWe arrived at camp & started setting up.  Audrie & Ellie helped get camp set up.  I kind of got off easy this trip, because I had to watch Mallorie.  Most of the set up & tear down of camp was up to Justin.  The big girls had a great time just walking around the woods looking for bear caves & treasure.  Mallorie followed around behind them, picking up sticks, etc.  We made walking tacos for dinner & then banana boats on the fire.  We also made “camp ice cream” the old fashioned way with rock salt.  The girls were pretty excited about all of the above.  And they also roasted starbursts.  I know, it sounds weird, but they’re actually really great!  You wouldn’t believe how dirty Mallorie got within 5 minutes.  Literally, dirt everywhere!camping with kids
camping with kids                                                                                  Love how Audrie is sitting here with her legs crossed.  camping with kidsMallorie went to bed per usual & then the 4 of us sat around the camp fire until around 9:30 when we put the big kids to bed.  All in all a great night.  Whew, all 3 kids in bed…smooth sailing.  Right?!  Not so much…  All was good until about 3AM.  I’m not naming names, but someone thought that Mallorie might be cold, so he put her in his sleeping bag with him.  Anyone that knows Mallorie knows that she sleeps best on her own.  She just likes to be left alone.  So pretty much from 3-5 AM Mals kept us all awake playing & giggling.  She was giggling..Justin & I not really.  Finally at 5 AM, yes 5AM we just got up, started a fire and made breakfast.  Here is Mallorie & Audrie eating breakfast.  I love how Mallorie is looking at Audrie here..she just thinks the world of her sisters.

camping with kids

We had eggs in a nest, we hiked around a bit,  put Mallorie down for a nap & decided when she woke we would go ahead & start back down the mountain.   Originally, the girls wanted to stay for 10 nights.  But after 1, they were good to pack it up.  They missed their Barbie dream house & Prince Siegfried that they accidentally left behind.camping with kidsHere is Audrie with all of her little Barbie trinkets she brought.  At this point she was ready to get back to the Dream house!camping with kids

So, we were nearly packed up & Justin goes to start the car…*#$*#$% the car won’t start.  Battery is totally dead.  So I put Mal in the Ergo & walk 1/2 mile to find someone with jumper cables.  Luckily, we found someone & were on our way.  The ride home was pretty uneventful.  About an hour in, we did have 2 little girls holding bags to their face in case of throw up.  Neither one was feeling so hot, but luckily the bags saw no action, thank goodness.

So all in all…there was some Good, some bad..but tons of memories made!!  Now to answer your question…will we go back?  Probably not this year…but give Mals another year & it should be much easier to take her.



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Let the Storm Rage On

Since last November I can’t remember a day going by that we haven’t played “Frozen” or sang the songs from the movie.  My 2 girls have been literally obsessed like almost every other girl in America.  Anne-Marie from Playful Princesses made them these fabulous dresses!  Ellie is of course Anna & Audrie is Elsa.Frozen costumeselsa dresshandmade elsa dresshandmade frozen anna dresshandmade anna dresshandmade frozen dressesWe left to do the photo shoot it was starting to look really dark & super windy.  The girls thought it was pretty cool though, because they could pretend “the storm was raging on”  like in the movie.  We only got super windblown shots at the 1st location, so we came back closer to the house where it was less stormy for the remaining shots.  The girls were more than happy to model their dresses!

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Where Has the Time Gone?!?!

This last weekend the twins turned 5!! I can hardly believe it!  They celebrated in the only way I could imagine for them…a Frozen Party.  We have lived Frozen for the past 7 months, so it only made sense they would want a Frozen party!  Of course they dressed the part…Audrie as Elsa & Ellie as Anna.   Dresses by the fabulous Playful Princesses!  More pictures of the dresses coming soon, but wanted to do a quick party post:-)  We celebrated at “As You Wish Pottery.”  Audrie & Ellie absolutely love it there!  Everyone painted an ice cream bowl!frozen birthday partyFrozen birthday partyFrozen birthday partyFrozen birthday partyFrozen birthday party

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Mallorie is 1

It’s hard to believe that my baby is 1 today!  She is such a joy in our lives.  I must admit, I questioned my sanity the first couple of months after adding a 3rd baby.  But I’m so happy that we decided to add to our family, because she brings so much happiness!  We celebrated her birthday with some of our family when they were in town last week!up up and away 1st birthday partyup up and away 1st birthday partyup up and away 1st birthday partyup up and away 1st birthday partyup up and away 1st birthday partyup up and away 1st birthday partyup up and away 1st birthday partyup up and away 1st birthday partyup up and away 1st birthday partyup up and away 1st birthday party


1) Mallorie has 7 teeth.

2)  She loves cheese, crackers, yogurt, chicken nuggets & mac n cheese.

3)  She loves following her big sisters around.

4) Is a seriously great sleeper. 7 pm-8AM, never wakes.  And 2, 2 hours naps.

5) She loves baby dolls.

6)  She isn’t interested in walking yet…loves to cruise but prefers crawling so far!

7)  So patient as she gets carted around to her sister’s activities.

8)  Likes to play peek-a-boo.  Even sometimes does it with strangers.

9)  She is full of personality…has me cracking up most days!

10)  She extremely curious & observant!

Happy Birthday baby girl!!


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